Being born in this world, we inherit not only similar attributes of appearance from our parents, but also similar patterns of behaviour. The way we react is determined by how our forefathers reacted in the same life situations.

Unfortunately, most of our ancestorial programmes are destructive for our body and soul and we feel impossible to break this vicious circle. In order to live life to the fullest we should explore ourselves and transform these negative programmes into positive ones.

Psychogenetics helps a lot in this transformation. Its main goal is to identify innate hereditary patterns and study their influence on our life. For many years, the upbringing and the environment have been considered as the main factors which define a human personality. Today the psychogenetics reveals that the role of our genetic heritage is crucial. Thus, by identifying destructive predispositions, we are changing our behavioural models and our life as well.
About psychogenetics
The IDEAL Method (IDEAL stands for Individualized – Directive – Explanatory – Action – Log) is a method which allows us to determine the genetic causes of our current body state. The patterns we inherit are shaped by three-four generations. Realizing them and implementing new practices in our life, we can eliminate the unwanted from the genetic code.

Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Einstein claimed that peace and order reign in the Universe. And, until recently, it has been considered that a human behaviour is totally unpredictable in the Universe.

Joel Marie Teutsch together with her husband Champion Kurt Teutsch, Ph.D., managed to combine the physical elements of a human being, the genetics and spiritual law. Thanks to their rigorous research, they have proved that a human behaviour is predictable, and it can be modified for the benefit of every man, woman, or child, as well as for organizations and companies.

The Teutsch family discovered that an individual resembles the upper element of a multistage rocket launched into the specific orbit as early as he or she is born. The course of the orbit may be changed only if the complex dynamics is applied. Thanks to the IDEAL method used during individual consultations and seminars, the Teutsch family have achieved plenty of positive results over the past 40 years. There are more than 120 000 clients in our list including leaders in business, trade and education, doctors, TV and movie stars. All these people reached their goals in all spheres of life – family, business, career, etc. They have combatted heart diseases, cancer, immunodeficiency virus.
The IDEAL-Method
The author of the method – Champion Kurt Teutsch
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