of the genetic
Enjoy the freedom from the burden of your genetic code
Do you want to rewrite the script of your destiny? Program yourself for a life of dreams? Have harmony, happiness, relationships, and financial freedom?

Then I can help you!
I am a certified psychologist, an expert in working with the subconscious, a certified coach, psychogeneticist, genophysicist, author of books, and educational programs.

In simple terms, I am a professional assistant in the deep analysis of your life and a motivator for qualitative changes. I help break free from the closed circle of genetic predispositions using only a scientific approach!

My name is
I started to use the methods of psychogenetics in my own practice more than 20 years ago. The main reason for that was a series of ruinous life moments among women in the family.

I wanted to build a happy life, have a family, children and reach my full potential. Therefore, I was standing in front of a long journey of accepting myself and my kindred that in its turn would shape my destiny for a better.

Having gone this thorny way, today I am a beloved and loving wife, a mother of three children and a true professional.
My story
How can I help you?
30-40 min
Analysis of the genetic code and finding a solution in a single reques
empathetic approach
During the process, you will receive direct recommendations that you can implement into your life on a permanent basis.
One consultation is usually enough to address the request, and occasionally a few follow-up sessions may be needed for reinforcement, especially if the request is substantial. You won't have to spend years in a psychologist's office.
The methods of classical psychology, constellations and regression analyses are not meant for everyone. Psychogenetics is a very 'human-friendly' method – it cannot harm you in no way. During the sessions, the destructive programmes are replaced by constructive which lead to a happy life.
When specialists apply the method of psychogenetics, they work with the primary cause of an unfavourable state. As a result, a client is capable of improving the life for future generations because he works on 'refining' the DNA.
Long-lasting diseases, lack of vitality and energy.
Child-parent relationships, maternity, perinatal development.
Impossibility to find the cause of a problem in personal life, career and financial challenges.
Traditional psychology does not provide answers to the questions.
Negative hereditary programmes and poor genetic background.
Constantly repeated negative life events.
Requests vary aNd May touch aNy sphere of life
Frequently asked questions
Olya, you taught me to appreciate my life and the world; I find myself smiling more! I've grown up. I hold no accusations, no grievances towards others, and no guilt before others... It's freedom – it grows wings for you, offering a million scenarios for life. Is there anything I regret now? - Yes, that I didn't turn to Olga earlier; time is impossible to undo, but everything else is in your hands.
The day after the consultation, I closed a deal with a client who had been considering it for a long time. I reached out to him myself, and he agreed. By the evening, another client contacted me. It turned out that I closed deals worth $2000! Overall, after the consultation, I had a really great state of mind—calm, confident about the future, and relaxed.
Olya, thank you for the consultation. It gave me a better understanding of who I am and where certain aspects of my personality come from. The patterns amazed me, but it's true, that's how it is. In general, the consultation allowed me to open my eyes and see the truth about myself: I'll take the strengths, and what I want to change, I'll work on. I think everyone should undergo psychogenetic consultation at least once.
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